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  GabriŽlle L. Philipse-ten Have (1929-2008)  

'Poort naar Atlantis' is een boek geschreven door 'GabriŽlle L. Philipse-ten Have' in de laatste jaren van de 20e eeuw. GabriŽlle werd geboren op 29 juli 1929 in Nederlands IndiŽ. In 1939 verhuisde het gezin waarin ze opgroeide naar Nederland (Den Haag). GabriŽlle heeft altijd een passie gehad voor de geschiedenis en in het bijzonder de oude geschiedens. Zij onderzocht een groot aantal oude sagen en legendes en vond daarin tal van analogieŽn. Haar conclusies en ideeŽn heeft ze vervolgens in boekvorm tot uiting gebracht.
'Gateway to Atlantis' is a book written by 'GabriŽlle L. Philipse-ten Have' during the last years of her life at the end of the 20th century. GabriŽlle was born in Indonesia, July 29th, 1929 in a Dutch family. They moved to the Netherlands in 1939 where she grew up in The Hague and had her education during and after World War 2. GabriŽlle always had a passion for history and around 1970 she got especially fascinated in ancient history. She studied a vast amount of books about history and related works. The reference list at the end of her book is amazing. GabriŽlle had a lot of ideas and theories that she processed on her quest for Atlantis. Her book takes you along in a journey through many myths and sagas from all over the world while she tries to find analogies in these old stories. The bible, The Eddah just to name a few. Greek, Indian, Celtic, Australian and many more myths are all taken into account. Where Atlantis is located is still a question but this book definitely gives the reader many ideas and a great vision about the lost continent Atlantis. The book is in written in Dutch.
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Poort naar Atlantis, GabriŽlle L. Philipse-ten Have
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